DM5 is committed to excellence in the practice of law while maintaining the highest ethical standards, diversity and individuality of its lawyers. We are a dynamic and energetic law firm that operates in a creative and innovative manner, ensuring maximum and sustainable commercial benefit for our clients.

Our philosophy and operations are built around our clients' demands and requirements. Our reputation is built on the wide range of commercial legal services that we render through our team of highly specialised directors, complimented and supported by skilled associates. Our experience is evidenced in the various transactions that we have advised on since our incorporation.

We currently have offices in Johannesburg & Cape Town

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Financial bunny brings confidence, capability and comfort into financial matters. It’s a place where everyone can receive their daily dosage of simplified financial education and wealth building tips in an authentic, fun, cheeky, relatable and interactive way. Included in the Financial Bunny school are books, games, learning courses, podcasts, webinars, challenges, live conversations and so much more


Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do at Anasa. We believe that the best gin is made by hand, in small batches, with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our gin is no exception. Anasa is a gin that's recognized for its juniper and floral nose, followed by a complex bouquet of rose geranium, elderflower, and vanilla on the palate.

Our subtle, sweet finish is the perfect way to cap off a night of indulgence. So if you're looking for a gin that's made with love and attention to detail, look no further than Anasa.


Dr Talane and Associates is a digital guided surgery, that plans and treats patients with our in-house technology saving time and costs.

Dentistry is an art and science that aims to restore form and function of one’s dental formula. Form focuses more on aesthetics, and function focusing more on the patient’s comfort.

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With the high unemployment rate in S.A, we are trying to create an employment base that helps to upskill and promote critical development via the ELSIE MASHININI skills development foundation, an NPO founded by The Firm.

This is my way to serve my beloved country by helping solve the problems it has, such as unemployment, lack of technical skills, lack of access to resources and nurturing talent" - Sifiso Fakude

Our vision is too make architecture and construction cool and appealing to the youth of South Africa. With the high unemployment rate in S.A we are trying to create employment and promote skills development via the ELSIE MASHININI (Grand Mother of our Founder and CEO) skills development foundation a NPO founded by Sifiso Fakude.

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Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi

Sipho “Alphi” Mkhwanazi is an innovative creative who is passionate about sharing authentic and compelling lived experiences on various platforms. A Brand and Strategic Communications practitioner by profession, Sipho takes pleasure in telling the stories that matter. As a seasoned event host, Alphi is a highly sought- after MC for various kinds of events. His style, humour and wit make him a great fit for functions or varied audiences.

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Bokang is a stellar illustration of aligning passion with purpose. With a heart for developing people, one easily connects and can relate to him. Humble beginnings were never a deterrent in his journey to all he’s achieving and his life is testament to this. By the age of thirty, Bokang had already achieved notable accolades within both an academic and professional capacity.

While drawing inspiration from many such as himself; he has managed to craft himself while maintaining his uniqueness. Although he was making a positive contribution and impacting many within the corporate space and industry; a desire to do more resonated within Bokang. It is in this time that an exit strategy was planned and executed over two years.

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Robot Boii

The name comes from the versatility and ability to do well in so many different things as though he is “programmed” (By God) the way robots are. He is a multitalented award winning creative: Dancer, MC, Comedian, Musician, Voice Over Artist, Actor, Creative Director.


Vusi Mbulali is a South African born, paint artist who specializes in portrait painting. His most recent work includes painting South African heroes like the late Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Steve Biko (you can find a number of his art pieces at the Steve Biko Foundation). Discovered at 12 years old, Mbulali uses abstract art techniques to express a unique interpretation of the iconic faces he paints. He is also highly sought after for both family and individual portraits. His professional career spans well over 10 years painting experience and his clientele includes both private individuals and public figures.

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With only 3 years of racing under his belt, Kabelo has come leaps and bounds in his riding and racing. He has been thrown into the deep end, with much less saddle time behind to his name compared to his fellow competitors. Though Kabelo has learnt how to swim quicker than most.

Kabelo spends most of his free time training & even has his own private training track. The track was built during lockdown to ensure he didn't lose any progress he had made. Racing competitively in the 50cc class for 2020, Kabelo began testing his skills in the 65cc class for the 2021 season and is now perfecting his riding on the 65cc and the 85cc bikes.

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At Saule Consulting we offer a range of advisory services and professional support for medium to large SMEs within various sectors with the aim of assisting them to achieve their goals - a stalwart supporter of each individual business.

We constantly strive for innovative and valuable approach to give our clients a competitive edge. We invest in developing strong sectoral expertise as well as the technological, scientific and soft skills in order to provide our clients with the most suitable service. We deliver a timely, responsive and efficient service that is tailored to the needs of each individual client based on its needs and objectives. We aim to provide objective advice to ensure clients complete the right deal at the right price.

We embrace the interconnectedness of ecosystems and leverage off our strategic partnerships, collaborations and network of multifaceted professionals to create value for all key stakeholders.

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House of HAM is an Independent Team of Creatives based in Johannesburg, South Africa, comprising of Producers and Designers who have come together to introduce the world to the different sounds they experiment with out of Studio. The name "House of Ham" directly translates to "Sons of Ham" which is taken from the Biblical reference of "Abraham".

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