THE BAIT is a Corporate and commercial Design & Development service provider and operates from Johannesburg, South Africa. The Agency consists of a dynamic team whose work, Professional etiquette and creative ambitions are second to very few. With a decade being the average years of experience amongst the team members, We understand that the client comes first and going beyond the call of duty is something that is standard amongst our Team. With a portfolio that speaks for itself, our reputation and track record with clients has always been favourable.

Digital Design

Our Team has a strong background in concept development, design execution and print design. We take care of all your logo, corporate identity, business card, clothing, brochure and booklet design needs.

Web Development

Fully Responsive & Functional Website with fully operational links and plug-ins. This includes the website design, website development, Publishing The website and plugging in 3rd Party Applications to help with efficiency.

Keynote Specialists

Keynote & Presentation Design, Animated Keynotes, Product & Concept Development. This Includes Executive Presentations, Keynotes for Public Speakers, Animated Keynotes as well as Concept Illustration Videos.

Corporate Design

We have a top tier team of individuals with experience in drafting, designing and developing proposals for corporate clients. These would include documents such as corporate profiles, commercial profiles and sponsorship documents

Branding Services

Packages include Full corporate identitiy bundle, Full Responsive Website with functioning forms, Social media content and its relevant marketing material aswell as a media banner design.

Social Media Content Development

Our social media team pays extreme attention to detail into your social presence when utilising strategies and analytics specifically at enhancing your business objectives.

Social Media Management

Our social media management team drives accurate brand awareness and engagement on your social media platforms when utilising strategies and analytics specifically aimed at enhancing your hidden potentials.

Brand Redesign & Repositioning

Brand repositioning focuses on changing what customers associate with the brand and sometimes competing brands. This usually entails a change in the brand’s promise and its personality.


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Packages include Basic corporate identitiy bundle, Full Responsive Landing Page with functioning Links, Social media intergration as well as social media banners & display pictures. This also includes the sourcing of images, designing of theme options and copywriting.

  • Compatible across all devices
  • Basic Corporate Identity
  • Domain Registration & Personalized emails
  • 6 months Free Hosting included
  • Printing & Vector Files Included
  • Social Media Banners
  • 24 Hour Support

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Make your business easier to find with our corporate package


This package includes corporate identitiy design, Full Responsive Landing Page with functioning Links, Social media Stats as well as social media banners & display pictures. This also includes the sourcing of images, designing of theme options and copywriting. In an ever growing digital economy, it is very important for a professional to give as much detail as possible of themselves. In the digital economy people place value on having access to a display of your personality, etiquette, and how you interact at a professional level

  • Photography
  • Professional Introduvtion Video
  • Personalized email
  • Free Hosting included
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Tech Support

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80 Adobe Illustrator
85 After Effects
65 Adobe Indesign
90 Adobe Photoshop
90 Dreamweaver
60 Tableau
90 MS Powerpoint
75 MS Word

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